Serena Buniello

Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor

Place and date of birth
Napoli 18.12.1988

Milan Bocconi University – Master’s degree program in Tax Law (2015)
Milan Bocconi University – Master of Science in Law and Business Administration (2013)
Milan Bocconi University – Bachelor in Economics and Finance (2010)

Professional Associations
Admitted to the Milan Chartered Accountant Association in 2015

Language skills
English and Spanish

Professional experience
She has been practising as Chartered Accountant with:
Studio Tributario Deiure – Milan from 2012 to 2013Studio Legale Bird & Bird from 2013 to 2016Studio Alfuor & Associati from 2016

While practising as a qualified chartered accountant, she mainly advised domestic industrial, commercial companies and no-profit organization on corporate and tax matters. She actively dealt with purchase and transfer of shares, mergers, contribution, transfers of going concerns and divisions, even on behalf of leading multinational groups. Her tax practice includes also tax litigation.

Advice on tax matters to domestic and multinational companies, no-profit organization, due diligence, extraordinary transactions, individual taxation.